Welcome to Written Games.

Free fiction.

We're delighted to offer you a number of works of fiction in our stories section. Some of them are original fiction, some are fan fiction created by play-by-email games. All of them are exciting and unique. And all of them are free for you to download. Enjoy.

If you have a story that you think we might like to host, please contact us.

Custom websites.

At Written Games we are always working on new, brilliant looking websites. Currently we are busy with finishing a complete relaunch of the web presence of Sixth Fleet, a Star Trek play-by-email community.

Not only did we give them a much needed visual makeover, we also provided them with a custom CMS for adding all their in-game resources and with convenient hosting for all their simulations. We are now working on integrating a custom CRM system for them to manage their fleet academy.

Please also take a look at our previous projects.